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PowerApps & SQL Integration Video

Learn how to connect Power Apps to SQL Server & Insert new records in under 10 minutes! This Insert Data video will work with SharePoint integrations as well.

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SharePoint and Power BI Automation in Action!

Check out this great video on how a SharePoint file can be updated or changed daily and still dynamically be refreshed through Power BI!

Custom SharePoint List in Power BI

Check out this great video on how to connect to SharePoint online inside your Power BI dataset.

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Power BI and SharePoint Integration Report

Check out this video that builds out a report connected to SharePoint online in less than 30 minutes!

Email Campaign & Sales Dashboard

This video will be about analyzing your sale data and the success of email campaigns that your organization is sending out. Power BI is a great tool for analyzing your data. Ready to get started? Contact Us!  

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Using Edit Queries in Power BI

How to leverage Edit Queries inside Power BI to do your data transformations for further analysis.

Need to add an External User to your Power BI? Check this video out!

In this video, we will show you step by step how to add a user outside of your domain to your Power BI workspace online. 

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