Microsoft Power Apps & Microsoft Flow Power Platform Integration

Microsoft PowerApps

Using the connectors, provided data can easily be pulled from one or several data sources and combined to display what you really need to see with full create, read, write and update functionality, or restricted as you see fit.

The data can be displayed in a browser or any Android or iPhone device. Power Apps can be downloaded from your iPhone or Android app store and the app will run on the phone or tablet once you sign in to the required services. All the security is handled by PowerApps and the services that you are connecting to.

An example of this could be connecting to Dynamics 365 for Sales with a list of all prospects and their related information. That way your salesperson could review the information, get the correct address or phone number, or add new prospects right from their phone while in the field.

Let our IT Consulting Team help you build out your Power Platform system.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is based on workflows and triggers, and there are many different types of triggers that can be used. A Flow can be kicked off when a new entity is created, or an existing entity is changed. Logic can be used to trigger another action such as sending a push notification, sending an email, doing an update in the database or adding an item to a SharePoint list.

You can perform an action on pretty much anything that there is a connector for. There are many other types of triggers that can be used; timer triggers which kick off a process after a given amount of time has passed, or at a specific time of day or even every hour, depending on your needs. Another interesting type of trigger is buttons. A button is created on your phone and when pressed it will kick off a process. These types of on-demand Flows can be used for many actions and are able to be kicked off whenever needed.

It is amazing how easily a simple app or Flow can be created that will run on your personal device! Contact us if you’d like to learn more about using Power Apps, Flow and the entire Power Platform integration with our IT consulting firm.

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