Power BI Jump Starts

Data Insight Launchpad Program: Accelerate Your Analytics Expedition

Embark on an expedited journey towards data-driven insights with the Data Insight Launchpad Program. Over two weeks, we'll guide your organization through envisioning, implementation strategy, and quick wins to propel your analytics expedition.

Week 1: Insightful Planning

Insight Discovery Workshop:

  • Engage key stakeholders from IT, infrastructure, security, compliance, and business units.

  • Define vision, objectives, and success metrics for Power BI implementation.

  • Establish roles, responsibilities, and governance framework.

Strategy Alignment Summit:

  • Ensure alignment of project requirements and expectations among stakeholders.

  • Review findings and outline implementation strategy in the Insight Blueprint.

  • Deliver Envisioning Report capturing vision, strategy, and governance framework.

Week 2: Implementation & Quick Wins

Analytics Implementation Sprint:

  • Receive expert guidance to navigate technical complexities and optimize implementation.
  • Ensure coherence among stakeholders by refining project requirements and expectations.
  • Iterate on solution prototypes to fine-tune and optimize analytics deployment.
  • Develop detailed implementation plans, including technical architecture diagrams and cost estimates.

Insight Review & Sign Off:

  • Share insights and address technical queries and challenges in the Insight Exchange Forum.
  • Provide hands-on support and guidance through interactive sessions.
  • Present Analytics Expedition Report summarizing progress, achievements, and next steps.
  • Obtain final project review and sign off for successful completion of the analytics journey.


  • Insight Blueprint detailing future state, implementation plan, and budgetary estimates.
  • Technical documentation and architecture diagrams for analytics deployment.
  • Initial analytics deployment showcasing tangible insights and quick wins.

Pricing: Fixed pricing starting at $7,500, with options for customization based on specific technical requirements and organizational needs

Why Choose the Data Insight Launchpad Program:

  • Proven expertise in navigating analytics complexities and driving tangible results.
  • Structured approach aligned with industry best practices and technical standards.
  • Rapid deployment for immediate insights and value realization within a condensed timeframe.

Embark on your analytics expedition with the Data Insight Launchpad Program and accelerate your journey towards data-driven success!

Please Note: Every jump start engagement is unique, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your organization. While the outlined program provides a general guide, the actual focus areas may vary based on your objectives and priorities. Depending on your organization's needs, the engagement could include a variety of activities such as PowerApps development, Power BI reporting journey, database implementation, and other related initiatives.

The engagement typically encompasses the following key components:

  • Comprehensive Review of Business Problems and Technical Infrastructure
  • Project Plan Timeline and Cost Estimate to deliver work
  • Architecture diagrams, where necessary

These elements ensure that the program aligns closely with your organizational goals and facilitates the successful implementation of data-driven solutions. Rest assured, our team will work closely with you to tailor the engagement to your specific requirements, delivering maximum value and impact.

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