Tableau, Qlikview And Microsoft Power Bi

Why Power BI is better than the competition

If you are looking at Tableau, Qlikview, or another reporting tool then you should start investigating Microsoft’s data visualization tool, Power BI. Power BI is the most cost effective and user friendly tool on the market. They have the lowest cost for use and Microsoft has focused on how they can provide small businesses with a tool that is affordable and easy to start using. 

Power BI is a tool that you can seamlessly integrate and plug-in with Microsoft Office. Imagine having the ability to integrate your excel based reports into a more meaningful visualization through Power BI and provide those reports to your leadership on their mobile devices, iPads, or computers. Are you ready to wow your leadership? Then look no further. 

Important things to remember on your journey of deploying Power BI within your organization.

1. Power BI Desktop Version: Power BI desktop is a free tool that you can use to share reports via a pbix file (this is the file type that your Power BI reports will be saved under).

2. Sharing reports: If you want to share reports with individuals within your organization via the online version of Power BI or through their mobile devices you will need the paid pro version of Power BI. That is currently $9.99/mo/user and well worth the cost. 

3. Security: Power BI online allows for users to create App Workspaces which are restricted to users that you have identified as dashboard and report viewers. This guarantees that your dashboards and reports are secure and restricted based on your audience preferences. 

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