By pwsadmin | July 10, 2024

Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) has influenced our everyday activities by…

A person touch the laptop screen withe finger

Top Five (5) Business Intelligence Tools: A Comparative Review 

By pwsadmin | April 15, 2023

Introduction  Business intelligence (BI) is a process that involves the…

Microscopic view of power apps benefits outlined

PowerApps Benefits Outlined

By pwsadmin | March 20, 2023

Introduction   As businesses move towards modernizing their operations, the demand…

Laptop, books, pen, mobile and papers on the table

Data Analyst Guide

By pwsadmin | February 2, 2023

Introduction The beginning of the year offers opportunities to start…

Data Management Text On Laptop Board

Data Warehouse

By pwsadmin | June 16, 2022

A Data Warehouse (DW) is a hub where data are…

Extract, Transform And Loading Data Phase

Extract, Transform and Loading (ETL) Data Phase

By pwsadmin | May 21, 2022

Data Extraction After collecting/gathering data successfully from the different sources,…

Database Design Project First Step - Data Modelling

Data Modelling

By pwsadmin | May 10, 2022

Data Modelling  The first step of every database design project…

Analysis And Insight Data Phase

Analysis and Insight Data Phase

By pwsadmin | April 19, 2022

The final phase of the data cycle in any business…

Seeking Data, Data Generation And Data Collection

Seek-Gen-Collect Data Phase

By pwsadmin | April 19, 2022

The Seek-Gen-Collect Data Phase consist of three steps. These steps…

Power BI Consulting Services Business Data Cycle

Business Data Cycle

By pwsadmin | April 18, 2022

A business is an entity that seeks to meet needs…

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