Analysis and Insight Data Phase

Analysis And Insight Data Phase

The final phase of the data cycle in any business is the analysis and insight data phase. This phase requires a data expert (data analyst or data scientist) to transform the processed data (numbers, images) into information (transformed data that prompts business users to understand their business processes) that produces insights (interpreted information that spurs…

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Seek-Gen-Collect Data Phase

Seeking Data, Data Generation And Data Collection

The Seek-Gen-Collect Data Phase consist of three steps. These steps are seeking data, data generation and data collection.   Seeking Data   An organization that has a good data culture will begin their business process by making an attempt to answer business questions. Questions like   How much funds will I invested in this business?   What are the…

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Business Data Cycle

Power BI Consulting Services Business Data Cycle

A business is an entity that seeks to meet needs or offer solutions to the community by providing goods, services or both to the consumers. This entity could be a commercial/ industrial, or mercantile enterprise. This entity is built by people with a common vision/purpose to achieve their goals (meeting needs, rendering services).  Several great…

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Why Power BI is better than the competition

Tableau, Qlikview And Microsoft Power Bi

If you are looking at Tableau, Qlikview, or another reporting tool then you should start investigating Microsoft’s data visualization tool, Power BI. Power BI is the most cost effective and user friendly tool on the market. They have the lowest cost for use and Microsoft has focused on how they can provide small businesses with…

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Philanthropy and Power BI

Philanthropy And Power Bi on white background

Do you work for a nonprofit, private foundation, or a corporate foundation? Are you constantly struggling to get information out of systems like CyberGrants, MicroEdge, or Benevity?  These are amazing systems that are capable of providing you everything you need to ensure your clients and employees have an easy and interactive interface for grant applications…

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Curious on how to build an eye catching dashboard in Power BI?

Building Dashboard In Power Bi

Link to Video I have many clients who are interested in better understanding how various components of their business is performing. Imagine sending out email campaigns once a week to thousands of current or potential clients and not understanding if those individuals you are emailing are purchasing on your website or renewing their memberships or…

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Connect Power BI to a SharePoint Online site.

Power Bi Consulting Services Tools

Hello from BI Consulting Services! We are starting a new video lineup. Power BI reports in under 30 minutes. Each video we will discuss a new topic and then we will build out a report around that topic. We know how important it is to have a tool that allows for you to visualize your…

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Top 10 Reasons To Switch To Microsoft Power BI

A woman looking at the graph on the tablet

Power BI has recently emerged as one of the top tools for generating interactive visualizations and robust reports that utilize data from multiple data sources. But why should you switch to it if you are hands-on with other tools like PowerPoint and Excel? Read on to find out more.  1. Seamless data connections With Power…

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Database Management

Business Database Management

Nowadays, the volume of business data continues to grow. There is a great focus on database management, to prevent any negative effects of data growth. When considering database management, it is imperative to understand that this is not a singular activity but involves multiple actions during the lifecycle of data. Database management allows companies to…

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